One alarm. Two lessons.

We had a false activation of our fire alarm the other day. There was no fire. But as the air conditioners switched into ‘reverse-cycle’ mode, a little dust from our recent building renovations ended up being spread into our paediatric ward.

It was nothing serious, but as an extra precaution we decided to evacuate this area until the fire brigade arrived and gave the all clear.

Anyways, as Kelly and I were the team leaders for the shift we were trying to figure out how to quickly absorb the paediatric patients and their families into the already full department.

This was proving to be a challenge, that was until one of our nurses stepped up and quietly offered a solution that was so elegant and so simple that we had both totally overlooked it in our already maxed-out-multitasking mind states.

So. Two lessons.

1. When you are in a leadership role, NEVER be above remaining open to guidance from the staff you are leading.

2. When you are being led NEVER be afraid to step up and respectfully offer your guidance if you think your suggestions or solutions are good ones.

When these two channels are open, the team is stronger.

We moved the kids to another area for a short time, the paediatric ward was given the all clear by the fire department. We moved them back. Business as usual throughout.

Thank you nurse S.

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