The top 13 nursing FAILS.

What exactly do patients value in the nurses that are caring for them?
Where do they think we need improvement?

Here are the top 13 nursing fails: [1]

  1. Mouth care
  2. Ambulation
  3. Getting out of bed into a chair
  4. Providing information
  5. Bathing
  6. Discussing the treatment plan with patients
  7. Considering the opinions of patients
  8. The patient knowing who his or her assigned nurse was
  9. Timely help to the bathroom
  10. Fulfilling call light requests
  11. Answering beeping monitors
  12. Answering call lights
  13. Listening to the patient

We must replace the term ‘basic nursing care’ with essential nursing care.
It is very easy for us to say “Yes but we are just so under staffed……and the workloads are just so huge. It is simply impossible for us to do everything.

These results are from one single study. But feedback like this that identifies areas for us to improve our care delivery  pose the question: is the stuff we are doing, the right stuff?

Instead, perhaps we should take a good look at our own individual unit environments and develop minimum elements of essential nursing care around communication, hygiene, physical exercise, and situational responsiveness.

It is also imperative that we  unite as a profession and advocate for ways to add appropriate resources and subtract unnecessary distractions from our workplace to ensure that this care we have identified as essential is habitual.

  1. Patient-Reported Missed Nursing Care Correlated With Adverse Events [Internet]. [cited 2013 Oct 16]. Available from: ↩


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