Nursing Waypoints. 

We all have those nursing experiences that we will never forget.  Often these are intensely personal, unique to each individual, and difficult to share.

But there is also a whole other set of collective experiences that most of us have had. Standout moments that we have and then see others have. Almost a set of nursing milestones.

Waypoints that if not yet already passed, are probably waiting somewhere for you just over that next shift.

Remember these? *

  1. First patient.
  2. First paycheque.
  3. First pen lost.
  4. First time-out in sluice room.
  5. First time cleaning a soiled patient.
  6. First time you realise nursing isn’t what you thought it was.
  7. First tears.
  8. First nailed the venepuncture on first attempt.
  9. First personal thank you card/gift from a patient.
  10. First slept in, or turned up for wrong shift.
  11. First experience/witness of nurse bullying.
  12. First time you contaminate a sterile field.
  13. First time you really felt part of the team.
  14. First thank you from a doctor.
  15. First call-in to take a mental health day.
  16. First thank you from that nurse you really look up to.
  17. First sleepless night.
  18. First time you think you are a pretty awesome nurse actually.
  19. First needlestick / occupational exposure.
  20. First time a patient becomes more than just a patient.
  21. First time mentoring a student nurse.
  22. First management of a dead body.
  23. First promotion or move to a coveted position/area.
  24. First time recognised by ex-patient in public ( and….first time you cannot remember them)
  25. First turn up for shift on rostered day off.
  26. First time urinated/defecated on.
  27. First time you become completely overwhelmed with the workload and feel like a total failure.
  28. First medical emergency.
  29. First time your clinical assessment or decision made a big difference to a patient outcome.
  30. First patient discharged that you didn’t think would make it.
  31. First medication error.
  32. First post graduate qualification.
  33. First Best Shift Ever. 
  34. First night shift.
  35. First time in leadership role.
  36. First CPR. (….or first cracked ribs performing CPR)
  37. First baby delivered (rare unless midwife)
  38. First time you truly grock the importance of what it is you do.

* Chronological order and individual user experience may vary. 

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