5 minutes to a better understanding of the ECG.

A clean, clear introductory video explaining the basics of performing a systematic 12-lead ECG interpretation from the team over at EM in 5.

If you have ever pondered the mysteries of a 12-lead print out, take 5 minutes to watch this video. It covers:

  • Rate calculation.
  • Rhythm interpretation.
  • Axis calculation
  • Normal intervals.
  • Identifying ischemia (a VERY important skill if you are working in critical care areas).

Hang on to your stethoscope. She is going to go quick. So you might want to pause and replay as required. 

Once you get the general idea you might like to follow up by reading the fantastic little book ECG made easy. You will find it in your hospital library, or you can buy it over on Booktopia.

You might also like to check out the heaps of other excellent educational resources over at EM in 5.


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