Nurses Continuing Professional Development

Q: Can I use time spent reading materials on to count towards my Continuous Practice Development hours?

A: Absolutely.
Time spent reading and reflecting on educational materials directly related to your clinical practice all count. But you mist keep a contemporaneous record.

Why do I need to track my CPD?

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) are now auditing midwives and nurses compliance with their CPD standards.

It defines CPD thus:

“Continuing professional development is the means by which members of the profession maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives. The CPD cycle involves reviewing practice, identifying learning needs, planning and participating in relevant learning activities, and reflecting on the value of those activities.”

The minimum annual CPD requirements for a registered nurse is 20 hours. Nurse (or Midwife) practitioners or nurses who hold scheduled medicines endorsements must complete and additional 10 hours CPD education that is related specifically to their endorsement.

Here is a link to FAQ regarding CPD. It includes CPD hour requirements for nurse practitioners, nurses who are both midwives and registered nurses, and those with scheduled medicines endorsement.

Requirements for proof of your CPD.

  • One hour of active learning = 1 hour of CPD.
  • It is your responsibility to calculate exactly how many hours of active learning has taken place.
  • The CPD must be relevant to the your context of practice. This includes the type of practice setting and its location (eg urban/rural/remote). It also includes the specific characteristics of the patients you are caring for and the context of your practice (eg aged care, critical care, research, management etc)
  • You must keep written documentation of your CPD that demonstrates evidence to meet the 20 hrs of CPD per year.
  • Participation in mandatory skills acquisition (eg CPR training) can be counted as CPD.

Whilst you can always keep a personal log of your CPD hours, here are two useful applications to help you mange this information and produce a summary if you were ever to be audited.


AusMed CPD planner:




AusMed has a free (requires quick registration) web resource  to record all you CPD hours. I really like the design and functionality of this. It:

  • Includes tools to develop a personal learning plan.
  • Automatically organises your CPD into the correct registration year (and reporting period).
  • Documents CPD for both RN and RM qualifications at the same time or independently.


CPD Logbook App



CPD logbook Available for iOS and Google Play. ($2.99 Apple Store).

Once the initial setup info is entered you can free text in information about the activity. Each entry is fully editable.

  • Summary of learning.
  • Outcomes. How this information applies to your work.
  • Further learning. How you can gain further knowledge with respect to this activity.

Your complete CPD history is available for viewing, with a tally of the total hours. From this screen you can email yourself a complete CPD record as a pdf file.

A note on privacy.

As with most online data storage services, you should be diligent with the content and sensitivity of information you are placing online.
For example, here is an excerpt from the AusMed terms and conditions for using their app:

Ausmed shall use reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality of your CPD information. However, Ausmed may disclose your CPD information if, and to the extent, (a) required by law; (b) the information has come into the public domain through no fault of Ausmed; or (c) if you have given written consent to the disclosure of your CPD information only. In the event that Ausmed is acquired, in whole or in part, through merger, acquisition, or through operation of law or the order of the Court, all or part of your confidential information shall come under the control and management of a third party at that time. In such circumstances, all legal requirements of confidentiality will be the sole responsibility of the acquiring party;

2 thoughts on “Nurses Continuing Professional Development

  1. I wanted to provide an update following this blog post.  As I said, Ausmed Education Pty Ltd prides itself as a highly ethical company.  We have recently updated our Privacy Policy and a copy of our updated policy is available on our website.  In undertaking this exercise, I wanted to clarify some points in my blog post.
    Ausmed Education is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).  The Australian Privacy Principles are designed to protect the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals.  The Australian Privacy Principles regulate the way personal information is collected, used, disclosed and managed by us.  You can obtain more information about the Australian Privacy Principles from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at  We also recommend you read our updated Privacy Policy for more information. 
    There are no current plans (at all!) to sell Ausmed Education.  We are a proudly 100% Australian owned company.  However, if the ownership of Ausmed Education ever changes in the future, it would continue to be bound by the Australian Privacy Principles and the business’ Privacy Policy.  If the company was sold and new owners wished to change the way the customer’s personal information was able to be used, then the Privacy Policy would need to be changed, although it would still need to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.  Changes to our Privacy Policy are published on our website.  Accordingly, Ausmed Education has decided it is not necessary to notify our customers if ownership of the company changes.  But please be assured that, to change the way personal information is used and maintained, our Privacy Policy would need to be changed.  If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of our Privacy Policy at any time, you can delete your account and stop using our services.
    I also wrote about passing confidential information to third parties.  I want to be very clear that we do not sell or license our customer’s personal information to third parties.  I also want to re-iterate that Ausmed Education does not engage in third party advertising including display adverts or other forms of commercial sponsorship on any of our websites or our app.  This is because we want to maintain the  highest standards for our content and minimise any potential conflict of interest, so we see it as essential that there be no monetary gain for our organisation from any company that manufactures a product that is or can be used on a patient. 
    However, to provide services to our customers, we do engage third party service providers (for example, cloud storage providers) and to enable those services to be provided to us, we do necessarily have to provide personal information to those third parties.  This is done on a confidential basis and only to enable the services to be provided to us.  When I wrote that we would never allow any third party to have access to your data, I was referring to the sale or licence of our customer’s personal information to a third party for their gain.  But I realise that my response may be read more broadly than that, so in light of our company’s willingness to be open and transparent on these issues, I wanted to clarify any mis-understanding.
    Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions, or wish to discuss any of these issues in more detail. 
    Cynthea Wellings CEO, Ausmed Education Pty Ltd


  2. Hi There,
    Thank you for reviewing the Ausmed CPD platform.  We at Ausmed Education have worked hard to develop this tool over a considerable period of time and are pleased that you found it helpful. 

    In regard to the more general privacy issues:
    Our data storage policy and backup protocols are rigorous, however, we do advise users to print a hard copy as no internet service is 100% guaranteed to be free from any problems. It is now almost impossible for any organisation to guarantee total online security but we do use the most advanced encryptions to protect the information.  

    In regard to confidential information being passed to a third party:
    Firstly, you will note there is no third party advertising embedded in the app and none of our websites ( and contain any third party advertising either.  We have never, and would never, allow any third party to have access to your data.   

    Should Ausmed Education ever change hands – that is, be sold to another organisation – we will notify all users of this.   As well,  we will now ensure the Privacy Statement is amended to include a clause that states all users will be notified if the ownership of the company is to be transferred to a third party, so thank you for raising this point. 

    Be assured, Ausmed Education is now, and has always been, a highly ethical organisation and we are very protective and respectful of our customers, their data and their rights.

    Thank you again for your comments – your feedback is greatly appreciated and will enable us to further develop the app so that it truly serves the purpose of enabling nurses and midwives to effectively document their CPD.

    Cynthea Wellings CEO 


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