A great learning tool for NURSES.

Studies (iOS, MacOS) is a study tool that uses the flash-card aproach to learning and retaining information.

You can build your own set of flash cards containing text, pictures and even video that will then sync across your devices.
For example have sets of cards for Drugs, Paediatrics, Life Support, Medical, Latest evidence etc.

Studies uses a set of evidence based learning schedules to present your study information in a way that best suits your needs.
Be that long term retention of information or cramming for that next exam that is comming up way too fast.

Everything you study is tracked by Studies. This information is used to schedule notes for future study, but also to provide statistics and predictions on how well you know the material. You can not only see how many notes you graded right or wrong, but you also have access to estimates of how long you will remember what you are studying.

This data would also be useful as evidence on your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolio.

So what I do is build my study card sets on the desktop (which is a lot quicker way of doing it) and then they sync across to my phone which I can whip out whenever I have a few idle minutes at work or wherever to review and refill my exceedingly porus brain.

The only down side is that whilst the mobile apps are free, the desktop version is $46.99 AUD on the app store. So you might like to just try it out on your iPhone/iPad before commiting.
You can also download a free trial for MacOS (link will start a direct download): Here.

I highly recommend this app and think that even though the cost is steep (? tax deductable) will give you a worthwhile return in your professional developemnt activities if used regularly.

Disclaimer: I recieve no financial payment from Studies & this is not an add. I have been using this app (in its previous incarnation of Mental Case) for many years now, and I just really like it.

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