You don’t care.

Next month Australians will be sent a voluntary postal ballot to vote on whether or not the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry.
This plebiscite is non-binding. If the majority of Australians vote yes, the government has committed to then allowing a private members bill to go before Parliament to decide the issue.
It is estimated the total cost of this process will be around 122 million dollars.


Here is poem that Nurse L wrote about Marriage equality from the perspective of a nurse who happens to be a lesbian…



You don’t care.
When I am holding the hand of your mother who is screaming out in the middle of the night because she’s confused and alone, you don’t care.

When I am a part of the team that performs CPR to bring your loved one back to life, you don’t care.

When I pull myself together 30 seconds after the CPR to comfort the new widow and orphans, you don’t care.

When I gently clean you up after a car crash, and give you all the dignity and respect as I wipe your backside because you’re unable to do it for yourself, you don’t care.

So why all of a sudden do you care? When it’s my relationship that’s up for discussion. When my legal rights are on the line. When the validity of my family is considered.

You care enough to say “no”, when in all of those vulnerable moments that you’ve needed me, I’ve cared enough to say “yes”.

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