The Nurse Path will close down shortly.

Just a quick note to let you know that I will not be renewing the cost of hosting this year.

Consequently this website will permanently close in around 4 weeks.

TheNursePath Facebook Page WILL continue business as usual.

I remain proud to say that I think there remains some useful and relevant information for nurses amongst the pages here. So for anyone interested in preserving any of the content, you are welcome to copy, share or repost or republish any content here with attribution to the original author.

I have now retired from nursing. I am happy, and busy and exploring new paths (and blogging all about it all here)

Cheers, and take care

Ian Miller.

10 thoughts on “The Nurse Path will close down shortly.

  1. Thank you for your many thought provoking articles over the years. I was a late follower of your blog, but enjoyed all the information provided! There is life after nursing, enjoy!


  2. Thank you Ian
    I have enjoyed reading your posts
    Good luck in your future working ventures

    Kind Regards
    Annette Leavy

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